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    [C] MD5 discrepancy

    "canneverbe limited" is indeed what I see. If you don't believe in the MD5 stuff anymore, I am surprised you let it linger on. Thanks for the reassurance, however. I appreciate the peace of mind. You should know that NOD32 gave me a warning of "potential threat found" when I dowloaded from that link, offering to cut off the connection, and then (when I clicked on "no action") offering to detlete. When I downloaded versions under "other options", the warning was no longer there. So this "opencandy" thing may be why I got the NOD32 warning. Just for your information.
  2. Page http://cdburnerxp.se/en/download states: Download latest version ( Size: 4.78 MiB (MD5: C0CE228C04C3D81F6FE06532C710210A) I downloaded from that specific link and got a different MD5: A645BF5AC3770CEED57C1BF16FD530C7 (revealed by FolderMatch software) Why does a download from the same link produce a different signature from the one specified under the link?
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