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  1. The custom action startService.vbs has an error in it which prevents it starting the NMSAccess service correctly at the end of the installation. The final line of this custom action is currently: WSO.run "net start NMSAccessU", WindowStyleStealth, false it should read WSO.run "net start NMSAccess", WindowStyleStealth, false This has been verified from a system command prompt in XP SP3 following installation. If you type: net start NMSAccessU it will tell you that the service could not be found If you type: net start NMSAccess it will start the service. Clearly there is a
  2. Additional note for anyone else working on the MSI version - the shortcuts are inconsistent. The desktop shortcut is advertised but the start menu shortcut is not. So if you are relying on self healing, update the start menu shortcut settings to make this shortcut also advertised. If changing the target location for the Start Menu shortcut, this needs to be done in the Custom Action table, as the destination folder is set there.
  3. OK, some progress is being made. I have added DisableOnlineUpdate=1 under the [setup] section of Application.ini in the INIFILE table of the MSI (using a transform), and this installs correctly. I have also preset the language using the HKCU key setting. However, when UserSettings.ini is created in the user profile under Application Data\Canneverbe Limited\CDBurnerXP, the [General] heading still contains a setting of AutoUpdate=1. Is this setting related to online update, and if so, should it be set to 0 ? As a separate note, the registry settings under HKCU create a key called CDBurne
  4. That link only describes the EXE command line options, unless you are trying to convey that the option /KEYWORD=Something can be used as a property in the form KEYWORD=Something Also, what would be the registry setting for defaulting to English - is it EN or EU instead of FR in the example shown? Thanks!
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