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  1. Hi Flo, Here are news with CDBXP 3.9.2741_x64 et the SPTD driver... 1. With my Asus BW-12B1LT: No erase action at all but CDBXP turns into loop at the disc detection: CDBXP "sees" no disc ans mostly says "Not re-writable" (sometimes it says "Re-writable" but still no disc!). Also, Windows Explorer media autodetection ran every 5 to 10 seconds... I had to photography the images because I wasn't able to use the regular screen capture (every opened windows were "flashing" active/not active so copy and paste was just impossible) so they are in a bad quality... And I had to do a second try
  2. Hi Flo, I'm back to you and I made two tests using the SPTD driver (x64 to match my Windows 7; the 32 bit version of the driver can't be installed) and the last stable x64 release of CDBXP ( to match the SPTD driver (32 bit version of CDBXP doesn't "see" the driver)... So I couldn't use the latest beta which seems to be x86 only . By the way, I set the option UseSPTD to 1 in the UserSettings.ini and everytime the disc is inserted before launching CDBXP. Here are the results: 1. Simply erase a DVD-RW: In the erase tool, after I click on the Erase button and I answer
  3. Hi Flo, My previous test was made with a disc inserted before starting up CDBXP. But a new test made inserting the disc after the starting up of CDBXP (I first launched the Erase tool and THEN I inserted the disc and waited for seconds to be sure that it was cared by CDBXP before starting the process by pressing the Erase button) gave the exact same result ... Here is the log: StarBurn__CDBXP-439b2651_EraseTest_NOK_Disc_is_Absent_(Inserted-AFTER).log Regards, Johan
  4. Hi Flo, In regard to the erase issue, here are the results with the beta: there is a kind of progress (no more "loop") but unfortunatly it still doesn't work. The pict: The log: StarBurn__CDBXP-439b2651_EraseTest_NOK_Disc_is_Absent.log Regards, Johan
  5. I know that my english is far away to be rich (and I still apologize for that ), it is sometimes hard for me to explain exactly what I want to explain and here is, in pictures, what I mean with "sub windows" and what I call a "loop"... 1. In the main menu, I choose "Burn ISO image": 2. In the "Burn ISO image" window, after all is checked, I click on "Burn disc": 3. Because my disc is not empty, I'm prompted to erase it (an example of what I call "sub window"): 4. I click on "Yes" ("Oui" in french) and I'm prompted for the erase method: 5. I leave all default set
  6. Hi Flo, Sorry to be back so late... I don't really know what has happened last time because I did exactly the same thing tonite (erase disk with Windows' integrated burner tool and burn ISO with CDBXP) and ..... it burns nicely! By the way, I did 6 logs (the first three are burning tries with my Asus BW-12B1LT): 1. I try to burn my 1.45 GB ISO on a previously erased DVD-RW (erased with Windows' integrated burner tool): burn OK. > StarBurn__Burn_1.45GB-ISO_on_empty_DVD-RW_OK.log 2. I try to burn the same ISO on the DVD-RW not previously erased: not OK: "loops" on the erase step: I
  7. Thank you Flo for your answer. When I say that the process doesn't start when I want to erase a disc, I mean that CDBxp doesn't erase the disc: - To "Erase disc": from the main menu, I select the Erase task, I click on "Erase" in the Erase window, I click OK to confirm and ... nothing happens, I'm back to the main menu. - To burn ISO on a disk that I want to erase: I select the Burn ISO task, I select the ISO file, I click on Burn disk, I'm prompted to erase disk (I use the french version so in english it should be "The media is not writable, do you want to erase it now?"), I answer OK, t
  8. Hi everyone, hi Flo, First really thanx for CDBxp! A burning tool that doesn't invade the system with unwanted gadgets and that is ... free, so good ...... For the moment, my Asus BW-12B1LT (Blu-ray burner, SATA) is partially "seen" by CDBxp (Copy Disc / Burn ISO / Erase Disc / Burn Audio, but NOT Burn Data and no informations about the burner are shown for it) but when I try to erase a disc the process doesn't start and still ask me to erase disc... My BW-12B1LT is present in the system (Windows 7 Pro 64 bits), Windows can erase and burn disc with it, even ISOs. Dot.NET 3.5 and 4.0
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