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    No compatible drive

    I've just posted a work-around/solution that works for me in this thread: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=7941&p=36681
  2. Sorry for resurrecting a somewhat old thread but I found this thread after having the above discussed problem (in Win7 Pro x64)... however, I think I've found me a temporary solution. I'm using the default MS AHCI drivers as I've got an SSD and want to maintain TRIM support - it's an Intel (P45) chipset and I'm not entirely sure if the latest Intel drivers pass TRIM commands hence the MS driver. Anyway, I digress. In "data disc", there are no compatible drives shown... but all is well in "audio disc" and "burn ISO image" - so I created a disc in "data disc" but saved it as an ISO. I then burnt the ISO with "burn ISO image" and it works a treat. Bit of a faff but it works for me.

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