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  1. I've had this problem for 2 days now, trying everything to my knowledge about computers and googling. I'm trying to install Win 7 on my secondary drive. When setup is starting cell phone spyware neither my primary drive nor my secondary drive is detected in the custom installation option. OS is XP-32 Mobo is GA-P35-DS3L - Gigabyte Main hdd is WD1600AAJS - 160GB SATA Western Digital Secondary hdd is ST3160815A - 160GB PATA Seagate People on forums have mention several times RAID, SATA drives, controllers, chipsets, bios settings and whatnot and honestly I dont know anything about tha
  2. Hi, you shouldn't have to install any SATA drivers, the motherboard takes care of that. Take a look in the BIOS and under advanced you should be able to see the motherboard settings for the drives. Make sure that cell phone spy the board is set to use ENHANCED settings and not LEGACY, then go to the BOOT section and make sure the SATA drive is the first drive. Find the setting for Plug and Play operating system elswhere in the BIOS and make sure this is set to NO.
  3. a DVD cannot be successfully created when you choose the Import the entire videotape and then burn to DVD option in Import Video, try to first import the video from your DV camera to your computer, and then import the cell phone spy software resulting video file or files into Windows DVD Maker to create your DVD as follows: Open Windows DVD Maker by clicking Start, clicking All Programs, and then clicking Windows DVD Maker. On the Share your memories on a DVD page, click Choose Photos and Videos. On the Add pictures and video to the DVD page, click Options. For DVD burner s
  4. I have a Dell E521 desktop. Recently, my original Dell DVD-ROM has been "flaky" - sometimes wouldn't read. I decided to replace it with a SONY-NEC Optiarc AD-7241S-OB. This is a DVD-RW with lightscribe. When I put cell phone tracking in the new drive (leaving the existing original Dell DVD-RW drive-TSST TS-H653A)), the system boots up fine and after a few seconds goes to BSOD. I get the IRQL.... message. When I put the original DVD-ROM back in all is fine. If I put in ONLY the new SONY-NEC drive it boots fine and all is OK, except that the4 system shows it as a generic CD-ROM drive. Through tr
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