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  1. Well, that's what I get for not looking carefully enough. Installing the RAID drivers on my laptop took care of the problem. It now sees the internal drive of my laptop for data. Time to file this one away in the back of my mind for recall later on
  2. Meh. Someone else asked this question but in a different way, so I didn't catch it. I'll try the information at viewtopic.php?f=14&t=9054 .
  3. I've run into this problem on both my laptop and my main PC where a DVD writer does not show up in when trying to make a data disc; however, it shows up just fine when trying to make a DVD or audio CD, or vice versa where it won't show up as a compatible drive for a DVD but it does show up as a compatible drive for a data disc. It makes no sense to me how different parts of the same program act differently towards the same drive. The most recent problem is with my laptop's drive, a TSSTcorp model TS-L633L, where the drive shows up just fine for a video DVD or audio CD but I get the "no co
  4. My only request is that DVD layouts are automatically detected. It just seems that there are so many unnecessary steps to making a DVD. Other programs allow immediate drag-and-drop and they automatically know that it's a DVD. But CDBXP requires multiple steps and removes the drag-and-drop option because the directory structure needs to be specified manually in the "Add Video-DVD Layout" dialog box. This seems to be a bit nonsensical to me. I don't know of any other disc program that has a special requirements for video DVDs. As it stands, making a data DVD is two steps: select "Data d
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