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  1. If you start one of the burning options from the main window, you will see the menues. The gearwheel / spur gear will show you the option menue to change languages.
  2. Hi, no problem at all, only curiosity What are those empty folders good for (fresh installation x64)? Located here: C:\ProgramData\Canneverbe Limited\CDBurnerXP C:\Users\xxnamexx\AppData\Roaming\Canneverbe Limited\CDBurnerXP
  3. Ok, i uninstalled the old version, and loaded Version (Standardinstallation without Opencandy 64bit). Everything is ok now! Thanks anyway for support
  4. Just tried it again, no chance. I am just creating another iso from a self-burned DL-DVD with images for data restore, and test burning this one.
  5. And if not (Uploadspeed is 1024 KB/s), i will send you the file on a DVD.
  6. Yes, every time. You will receive a PM. EDIT: how can i contact you per Mail? I sended one to floele@...., but i am not sure, if you read this.
  7. Hi, just got an error (CDBXP is no longer functioning) by trying to burn an iso-file with about 6GB. CDBXP has to be closed. Disc is Verbatim DVD+R DL, Win7 Pro x64. Burned it with my old Nero Burning Rom 6 (and with MagicIso) without problems. The logfile is attached. The disc is still empty after the error appeared, and can be used again. The iso-file was created with MagicIso, i will create it with CDBXP too, and report what happens. (EDIT: no, was created with CDBXP, is only shown as MagicIso-File, because this is the standard program for .iso) In addition: another iso-file with 3,5GB could be burned without problems on a DVD+R.
  8. Let me tell it so: they didn't have the best reputation in different testings. If you read reviews i.e. at Amazon, you will see very different opinions, depending on the used burner, too. Some people won't have any problems, some will have garbage with every second disc, especially by burning with 16x (there are statements like the Memorex discs are only specified for 8x). Super Writemaster should be a Samsung device. Any hints from the device manager? Maybe there is a better firmware out. Is this the same after removing disc, restarting the computer and inserting disc again? Otherwise this would be strange behaviour indeed. Disc or drive, that's the question.
  9. You must open one of the options on start window first (i.e. data disc). After that you can see the menues, and the version is to be found at Help/About
  10. Click on "Quote", not an "Quick Reply". There you will find "Upload attachment".
  11. http://www.wikihow.com/Take-a-Screensho ... ft-Windows
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