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  1. The problem is the DVD drive not the DVD+RW disks as I put one disk in LInux program and burn the iso image on the disk. It's working with one of my laptop. Thank you, John
  2. I have trouble trying to burn the ISO image on those disk ( Memorex DVD+RW 4X|4.7GB/Go|120min ) on your latest version of CDBurnerXP on my desktop. No problem about the compatible drive as your program recognize my LG DVD burner. But with those disks no and your program kept telling me that the disk is not rewritable but it is. What I want to know how do I tell your program that the disk is rewritable. Or your program doesn't like Memorex?? Oh I did use the other disks with different name brands and still the same. Let me know if that is the bug of your program or something that your program have to recognize the DVD+RW disks as rewritable. Thank you, John P. Mackay
  3. Okay I put the CDR disk in the CD Burner then startup your program to make copies onto the disk. Your program recognized my DVD/CD-RW burner and the CDR disk is in the drive. At the bottom corner of your browser show me no discs but the disc is in the burner even your program recognize the name of my DVD/CD-RW burner. So tell me why is your program showing me no disc even I have the disk in the burner. That's my question about this. Thank you, John
  4. I had a strong feeling that there is a bug in this program because your program recognize only rewriteable discs not others. As I put one CDRW disk in my laptop with your latest version program, CDBurnerXP 4.5 and no problem to make the copies on this disc. Then I want to make more copies and this time with different disc CDR. It doesn't work with any DVD-R or CDR at all. Guess that your team have to look into this to see why can't recognize the CDR or DVD-R discs? Thank you, John
  5. Yes I did download the beta last night after googled about this on the Internet. And still the same. John
  6. If I don't get any help from the team of CDBurnerXP today and will uninstall this program tomorrow. Then from now on I will use USB Flash Drives which is a lot easier to copy/paste from the computer to USB Flash Drive. Thank you, John
  7. I am frustrated with this program, CDBurnerXP and trying to figure out why is your program not accepting unwriteable discs? I don't want writeable discs to make copies. But is there a way to accept unwriteable discs as well as writeable discs to burn the disk in your program? I have tried different things and so far nothing is working. Thank you, John
  8. The problem is that your program is telling me that I must have wirteable disc to burn on my DVD burner? My question is that why do I have to have writeable disc to make copies from the computer to DVD burner? Please explain this to me as I am waiting for the answer. Thank you again, John
  9. I am not sure why your program did not recognize the CD or DVD disk on the bottom of the box when I clicked to get started burn the DVD? Also show the name of DVD/CD Burner below: E: HL-DT-ST DVD-RAM GSA-H55N Now I decided to click Device Information and show the exclamation marks on the first six lines. I am not sure what is the problem with this program of yours? (!) Vendor Information (!) Model: DVD-RAM GSA-H55N (!) Firmware Version 1.05 (!) Max write speed: 8468 KB/s (!) Max read speed: 8468 KB/s (!) Buffer size: 2 MB The rest of information below the first six lines are okay with green check mark or red x. Can you tell me what is the problem with this DVD/CD Burner? Look like to me the problem is the burner itself not your program? Look forward to the answer of my question above. Thank you, John
  10. Hello everyone in this forum and want to tell you how embarrassing I am with this? Do you want to know now or later?? Nah and here is below: As you have read my messages recently that I posted about no compatible drives on my DVD/CDRom and DVD/CD Burner on my desktop. Here is the story and I decided to check the USB cable from the LG DVD/CD Burner to the back of my desktop, IBM/Lenovo ThinkCentre SD50. It is UNPLUGGED. That is why it doesn't work with the program of CDBurnerXP to burn the DVD-R disk before and after plugged the USB in and now can burn the disks that I want. John
  11. Also tried with the other exe file and doesn't work either too. It's below: iata55_enu The readme.txt tell me that I got the wrong chipset but Intel mentioned the right chipset that I have on my desktop. Guess that I have to call tech support at IBM?Lenovo to see what they have to say about the chipset and Intel Matrix Storage Manager for my desktop, IBM/Lenovo ThinkCentre SD50 8183-WR4. Thank you, John
  12. Bad news and can't install the Intel Matrix Storage files from Intel. Don't ask me why OK?? All I know that I did download the file, " IATA88ENU " Here is what I got the message on the screen below: Error This computer does not meet the minimum requirements for installing the software. Setup will exit. So I don't know what else to do with this because I would love to get the CD/DVD burner working but what else to solve the problem? Thank you, John
  13. Yes I did read the Guides and also you mentioned about Intel Matrix Storage manager? I will have to look up and see if that will work with my Intel Chipset which is Intel 865G. Will get back to you if that will work or not. Thank you, John
  14. Joey -- Yes I did read the Guide about Drives and doesn't help me to fix the problem. I am not sure what else to look for? But had a feeling something to do with Intel part in my desktop. Look forward to hear more from anyone here in this forum. John
  15. I need your help with this problem to run CDBurnerXP on my desktop which is IBM/Lenovo ThinkCentre SD50 8183 and the operating system is Microsoft Windows XP Professional. I am not sure what is the actual problem with this but more likely with the Intel Chipset. Mine is Intel ® 865G Chipset and not sure whom am I contact to get more information so I will be able to run the program of CDBurnerXP on my desktop? Your help would be appreciated to solve the problem. Thank you, John
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