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  1. Hi Flo I did create my own boot disc with additional files likes personalized drivers and security updates. To make it bootable i used a file xboot.img 2kb and burnt a DVD. Data disc Disc Boot options [attachment=0]3.jpg[/attachment] adding files burn Finalise disc so my initial problem was that I had chosen ISO level 1(8+3) and did not mark Disable ISO version number extension (;1) which gave me an error "Coudn't find NTLDR" Delgado did sectors 1 which made an error "Cannot boot from CD - Code: 5" Regards Ted
  2. Well for Testing Purpose I do a quick way just to see if it works without wasting CD/DVD media. Instead of burn I do "file, safe compilation as ISO file..", and test if it's booting with the program MobaLiveCD_v2.1 http://agnipulse.com/2009/07/test-bootable-iso-and-live-cddvd-without-restarting-you-computer/ the result was successfully booting with a xpboot.img [attachment=0]success.jpg[/attachment] so then I finally start burning the iso file. Regards Ted
  3. I got it finally work... I read about the right order too. It wasn't the problem either. So finally I used a xboot.img from http://www.heisig-it.de/boot_cd.htm with this link http://www.heisig-it.de/pages/cdimage_pro.zip and the following settings: [attachment=0]final.jpg[/attachment]
  4. Thanks for your answer. Honestly did you try to boot it after?? I know this article. I tried it with this xpbootimage.bin too and your settings it fails even worse. Try to boot it tells "Cannot boot from CD - Code: 5" I am just doing a WinXP CD with SP3 and all security patches with CDBurnerXP on a XP professional OS. In general discussion I seen many more people asking for exactly this problem. Nobody got a decent answer that it really workes. Just one other example: http://forum.cdburnerxp.se/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=9338&p=33244&hilit=bootable+windows+xp#p33244 Thanks anyway
  5. I have the same Problem as oabcxp writes "Problem with bootable WinXP SP2 made by CDBurner XP" on 29 Jul 2010, 10:18 http://forum.cdburnerxp.se/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=9055&p=32630#p32630 I used Nero 6 as he did before. CDBurnerXP seems a good Program that replaces Nero well as it is free / open software. I tried several settings but no success. My bootimage is boot.bin it works with Nero. I also tried xpboot.img with CDIMAGE which makes a sucessfully working ISO image that can be burned by CDBurnerXP. My Boot Options are: No emulation load segment 7C0 Sectors 4 enforce ISO Level 1 I tried other setting as written in the topic mentioned above. But no success. I just get the same message while booting as oabcxp said: Coudn't find NTLDR So CDBurnerXP is not able to make a bootable CD/DVD for Windows XP professional SP3 ? Wondering what I do wrong Regards Ted
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