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  1. I see no reason to complain whatsoever about Adwares, they serve their purpose and thus I cannot argue much with the fact that OC does contain Adware.. But like stated, they cause no harm. I hope this sets it straight guys.
  2. Well its interesting to see that seniors have an interest in CDBXP, if the disc works fine on Windows Media Player or whatsoever disc reading software you use then it should work on your RCA Audio System. Have you ever played burned discs with your RCA System? If so does it read, play and skip tracks like it should? If not maybe you should try another burned disc to make shure its not your RCA System that doesn't read CDBXP Burned Discs properly, in wich case your disc may have failed to be burned properly or CDBXP is at fault in some way.
  3. Could you check your disk with WinAmp or IsoBuster to see if it has burned correctly?
  4. I am not quite informed about the technical build of CDBXP, but indeed there is a regualtion that will not let CDBXP burn faster than the media's spec. You may want to ask the Developers about this, Florian or Judas might be able to answer you. In other words, thank you for using CDBXP!
  5. Hi, Thank you for using CDBurnerXP, we appologise for this incovenience. If you could please read this Guide and tell leave a reply if any of the proposed solutions have worked or not.
  6. Hi, I suggest that you read this FAQ and if your problem persist please advise us by leaving a reply, Thanks, Joey
  7. Hi, after a long break fro m the forums I'll be back, this week-end I entend to become more active as I've been busy with studies..its been like this for 2 weeks: College, Work, Sleep So on happy xmas guys!
  8. My pleasure to help you. I'll also suggest that to Flo
  9. When you change hardware you have to check your settings because they will probably not be the same. Check CDBXP's Setings and set them accordingly for your disc. It should remember your setings. Let me know if that works
  10. Mhm...Well then CDBXP should detect your settings. If it didn't its probably because you upgraded versions. If you did not then could you fetch a .log file for each time you added a session to the DVD? Or at least the 2 Last ones. To compare settings & data. It would help.
  11. Its not a bug, its just a GUI failiure.. It shoulddetect the UDF format. If it doesn't then it is possible that the instataltion was not correctly done.
  12. As far as I've been told by Flo CDBXP Supports blue ray. Plus it works great to me. A little slower than a DVD (29mins for a 4GB DVD / 34 Minutes for a 4GB Blue-Ray)
  13. Indeed, further explanation of what you want to do is required.
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