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  1. Often fails when I am burning a data disk of mp3 files. Has happened several times since I downloaded the newest version. Getting fed up. Can I go back to a precious version?
  2. That's a heck of a lot faster than mine. I should have kept the older version. I'm still running XP, is that the problem?
  3. ok, think I will wait. Thanks to all for your help.
  4. You must have access to a different 'room' than I do as the latest one available on the website I get is Download latest version ( Just checked again.
  5. hmmmmm I downloaded the most recent version available today which was 4.3.8 2631. Where were you able to find 4.3.9?
  6. Okay, thanks..... Yes, I was burning data disks.
  7. Hey Jude ;o) I am burning a folder full of mp3 files created by Replay, enough to fill a CD (about 200 files, 700mb), but then I always did this with the older version & the burn was quick, like less than 2 mins, incl verify. Now the newer version takes more than 5 mins. I don't have a folder full of files to burn at the moment so can't test it again to give you more info, or to send you a log file. Will do that the next time I burn? Meanwhile, can you tell me what my setting should look like in case I don't have them quite right?
  8. As I recall, it says it's burning at 48x, just like it used to, but now it takes much longer.
  9. oops...... It was Replay v4 that I paid for. It's CDBurner that I asking about, it's also version 4. So can anyone tell me why the burn speed is so slow?
  10. dang, what do I do now? which is the legit site for a free download?
  11. I had version 3 but it disappeared, so I downloaded & paid for version 4 a couple days ago & the burning speed is a LOT slower than it was with version 3. I mostly burn data CD's with MP3 files. Is there a setting I've missed?
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