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  1. I downgraded the other Computer as well to Version and tried it with exactly the same settings and files as with the newer version. The burn is perfect, everything like it should be. I have attached the logfile of that burn to this post so you can compare it with the one from the faulty burn. [attachment=0]StarBurn.log[/attachment]
  2. OK, got new ones, here ist the logfile. [attachment=0]StarBurn.log[/attachment] As I see an error log too, I do post it here as well. It says something about 'not supported audio files', but the files were supported in versions before. [attachment=1]Errors.log[/attachment] I tried to burn 3 tracks with a total length of 77minutes and 24 seconds. I set it up to use 32x speed for the burn. I hope the logs will help to fix this issue. If you need more infos just let me know
  3. Tonight I don't have anymore fresh CD-Rs available. I tried it with an empty, but pretty old Disc which had some scratches already. The process took about 6 min now but ended up with an error talking about incompatibility or scratched Disc. So I guess, the log won't be very useful. I'll be back when I got some new Discs on Wednesday. THX I just downgraded my other Computer to CDBXP version and the burn was perfect, even on an old and scratched Disc... (Just to let you know)
  4. I had to burn several Demo CDs today, each exactly the same content. After an Update to version creating Audio CDs is not possible anymore. What happens? It takes only a few seconds to burn the CD and everything looks like a successful job (except the short time), but in reality, the tracks are about 1MB of size only. The tracks are readable as audio tracks, but duration is about 4 sec only. Not really useful! Before the update, everything went fine. I used uncompressed wav-files, 44100 Hz. The Machine was a WinXP OS, the burner itself is mentioned in the compatibility list.
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