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  1. I apologize. I apparently had an older version lingering somehow. I double checked that everything was removed this time, and then reinstalled the 4.5 beta. This time, it reported 64-bit correctly, and the CD burned properly. Looks like the issue has been cleared up in that version. Thanks for the help. Keep up the great work!
  2. The issue I'm talking about happened around November 2011, so if anything, it's a regression to an older version. I've burned data discs and saved ISOs successfully throughout 2012, though -- it's just the audio discs that are giving me trouble. I tried the 4.5 beta, but received an error. I've attached a screenshot of the error as well as the StarBurn log. Also, something odd to note. I downloaded the 64-bit version (cdbxp_setup_4.5.0.3306_x64.exe) and Task Manager reports it as running in 32-bit mode (see other screenshot). StarBurn.log
  3. Hi, this bug has reared its ugly head again. All CD-Audio tracks burned in version are only 4 seconds long. I've attached a log file for analysis. Let me know if there's anything else I can do to help troubleshoot. StarBurn.log
  4. Hello... long time data burner, first time audio burner. I can confirm that build fixed the "CStarBurn_StarWaveFile::RealRead()" issue for me. Audio tracks that were shorter than 4 seconds now burn successfully instead of throwing an error and ruining the disc. However, this build also seems to have re-introduced an older bug in which each track on the disc is burned as 4 seconds long, regardless of the audio file's actual length. For example, I have 26 tracks on one disc. A few tracks are less than 4 seconds long, most are in the 5-10 second range, and a couple others are
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