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  1. I suppose the whole thing is easy enough once it gets into one's consciousness, but it isn't obvious to someone who has not had to deal with it. It does not really come up while installing the program nor when doing any particular project, it is just an option a couple levels down in the menu structure. It must default to something that works adequately if one doesn't need something special. I can only assume that I changed the default for some reason on the first machine but never thought of it on the new one. I think it would be useful, and probably not too complicated, to put in a warnin
  2. I've now done enough experimenting to determine: <>Starting with new, blank media, everything seems to work properly on the new computer. <>Adding another session to disks created on the old computer loses everything beyond session 1. <>Session 2, 3, ... could be read on the new computer before an additional session was added; after adding a new session, only session 1 can be read. <>CDBurnerXP sees all the files of all the sessions, but Windows Explorer sees only session 1. <>CDBurnerXP does not seem to be able to do anything with the files except list them.
  3. My use for CDBurnerXP is writing multi-session data disks. Somewhat suddenly, adding a session to an existing multi-session disk results in only the first session's data (not the last session's) being accessible. My use of CDBurnerXP started last January when I put together my first Win7 machine (64 bit Home Premium) after a long run on Win98. This worked well as far as CDBurnerXP went. Most data was written on DVDs, but I continue to create some multi-session CD-Rs, with an audio CD (written with a different program) being session one. Recently I built a new Win7 computer. The first com
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