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  1. Please pardon if this item has been addressed in a later version update. (I've checked the update logs from to the latest versions on the web site, but see no mention of any "fixed date problem". Also, I've searched and browsed the Forum for open or closed bug reports mentioning the problem, but have not seen it reported anywhere.) For the record, I am using Windows 7 Ultimate with SP1, 32 bit version, and have 4 Gb of RAM in my PC. I just completed burning (and verifying) 409 data files totaling about 1.5 Gigabytes to a to a 'Data disc' DVD, using CDBurnerXP v.
  2. Just for your info, the same exact thing happened to me with version today (26 Nov 2011). I had about 405 files in the 'root' directory of a DVD+R disc, which I had successfully burned during 3 different sessions, each time leaving the disc open. I wanted to add 132 more files to the disc in a 4th session, and keep the disc open (though it would be almost full, only about 60 Mb free of 4.7 Gb total disc size remaining after the burn). I picked the 'Let me choose advanced settings' option to allow the adjustment of entries prior to burning, and insured that the disc would be '
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