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  1. I think you are guessing The original Cd was pretty recent - no scratches.. so it reads/play perfectly fine on the burner, The CD's were brand new Verbatum.. straight from the pack to burner.. so no scratches or anything. Also - the CD's burn fine when I use Nero, so its not the burner per se. It was commercial Cd.. so may have copy protection..if that the case.. I can forgive the slow read.. but then don't say <1 min.. And whatever - the prog should not crash/hang like it did.. If it makes a difference (CD burners a commodity item these days?) ..its a TSSTcorp CD
  2. Don't use the product much - but needed use today - and so checked I had latest version Wanted just copy a commercial CD.. I wanted 2 copies... but wanted check first copy before doing a second.. Problem 1 - it took AGES.. 45 mins to do the read part of the copy (although the timer said throughout <1 min to complete) Problem 2 - at the end of the burn .. it said it had finished, but the Cd was left constantly spinning.. (I did not have eject at end ticked).. I was able eject the CD OK and it seemed to be a good copy. SO I went ahead and said I wanted do anot
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    Used this for first time - noticed a couple of bugs... hope this helps with development My sys is Win 7 ult 64bit... Drive is a Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-216D Firmware is latest (I tihnk) 1.09 I was doing multiple copies. First copy went fine... I said OK when I got the completed message. Put in new CD and said to copy... first bug... I am sure the progress bar is not working correctly.... when writing the new CD the bar shot up to 100% but then sat there for about as long as the write process should have taken. It completed OK - but the progress bar seemed bugged. I restarted the app and th
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