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  1. Hey all! I hope this is the right place to ask for some help, I didn't see this question in the troubleshooting/bugs, so I hope that I'm not repeating someone else his question. The problem is as following: When I burn an mp3cd (succesful) and I let it play, some tracks turn op on the last bit of the current track. Suppose I've burned track A, B, C and D. I let track A play, then in the last seconds of track A (like the last 5 seconds) the intro of Track B turns up. This isn't necessarily track B, it could be track C or D. I've also had this problem with imgburn (where the problem is worse), so I'm wondering if it's not my drive that's being difficult? (or could it have something to do with the CD's I use? (I use TDK) I'm an amateur DJ, so you can see why this is a bit of a problem. I'm hoping that someone can help me with this, because I've googled this so many times now, but without any concrete results. Thanks in advance! Woozer.
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