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  1. Thanks for your response, Flo. Well, since these disks are being used exclusively for data storage, then I guess it won't hurt anything for now leaving them open. What's up with Delgado? Don't like Memorex? Or maybe you think going through a hundred DVDs over a two-year period is a lot? Hey, I do LOTS of photography. Each photo stored as a .TIF file can be over 100 MB in size. So that's 10 photos per gig. Sometimes when I go out on an intense photo shoot, I may shoot close to a thousand photos. Figure half of them are keepers. Often way more than half are, but let's say half. 500 photos x 0.1gb per photo and that's 50 gigs from just that one outing. Yeah, it adds up in a hurry, and I have to back my image files up to DVR regularly, or else I'll be spending way too much money on hard drive space or storage space on the 'net. But hey, I'm willing to take advice -- if there's a way better brand out there, then I'm all ears . . er . . fingers . um, I mean eyes. Yeah, that's it! Eyes.
  2. Howdy, just joined and this is my first post here. I've been using CDBurner XP for a couple years off and on, and I really like using it for saving data files (image files mostly). I just now upgraded to the latest version in the hopes that this might take care of my problem with my dvd burner making frisbees. I was cruising along, having burned over a dozen disks, and then all of a sudden -- three frisbees in a row. Now, I don't actually know what is going on -- it's just that my 'puter doesn't see the disks after they've been burned. But CDBurner XP can see that they have data on them. I was burning a disk while I logged in here, and it just finished. This one appears to have completed normally -- at least I can see the files now, and they load normally into Photoshop. So I guess things are back to normal now. The only thing I did differently this time from all previous burnings and unsuccessful attempts was this time I elected to leave the disk "open." My drive is a 16x drive I bought at MicroCenter. I don't recall the brand, but it says "Super Writemaster" on the front. So, I'm wondering if there's anything else I should do to increase burn reliability. Bump it down a notch from the max of 16x maybe? Oh, and the disks are Memorex DVD-R. I bought a 100-pack of them a couple years ago, and still have a few left. Also, will it hurt anything leaving the disk open? It's full. If it won't matter, I'll probably just leave it be -- guess I'm gunshy now. I don't want to find that the disk becomes a frisbee after I've "closed" it. Appreciate any help you might be able to provide.
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