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  1. Labour intensive ! Anyhow, as we don't have Nero and it seems to be a bit of a challenge to find a free copy of Nero without exposing one-self to too much online threats (I found 60 euro just to exclude something quite a lot) I figured out a 'workaround' myself as well, just today. Over the weekend I tried 'Nero Kwik Media' but again no result, as well as Express Burn Disc Burning Software, both with no result. Earlier I tried using simply Windows Media player but that to did not do the job. As I mentioned before the old computer was still sitting upstairs pretty much doing absolutely
  2. I'd be surprised if it is possible to update the cd-player, it simply a mini-tower set of 10 years old or so. The firmware of the burner could be possible, but I have not an idea yet on how to check the current version (and if upgrades are supported/available)... The next thing I wanted to try was indeed using more types of CD-R's to see if it would make any difference, but that was untill I managed to burn a cd on a different computer using a CD-R that failed using CDBXP on the 'most up-to-date-computer-in-the-house'. Thanks so far anyway
  3. Hello, Hadn't burned any cd for a loooong time but today my dad requested to make him an explanation how to make an audio cd on his computer (reasonable fresh and good specced). Anyway, I was able to burn audio-cd's using CDBXP (version but they don't work on one specific cd-player: my dads . I used mp3s as a base as my dad has bought a turntable-to-mp3-convert-device so he can put his oldskool records on cd (the man is 68 ). Mind you that the cd's actually did play on a different cd-player, my car-cd-player and his car-cd-player. What I tried/did: - selecting MP3s in '
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