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  1. So is it common that the message that appears when it launches cdburnerxp is an update everytime that I open the program? Playing the ape files on cdburnerxp works, but when burning it, it's really slow on the "adding tracks to audio image". I tried to burn again the 14 track cd and it worked now. That's odd.
  2. I really wanna know what other applications could be blocking this action. Now that I saw "no compatible drives" at the screenshot. Opening the program now it shows the drive and its letter. I wouldn't like to format the pc just for this problem, but if there's no solution I'll have to do it. EDIT: when I click on the cdburnerxp icon to open the program, it's been showing a message that translated to english is just like "do you wish that the follwing program makes alterations on this computer?" I tried to screencapture, but it doesn't work the printscreen button. EDIT 2: tried to burn APE to audio cd and it showed a message that it could not burn a 14 track disc. thanks!
  3. I've tried, but printscreen button doesn't show the arrow when doing drag and drop. But it simply does show the arrow just like when you try to drag and drop to a non allowed area.
  4. On Windows Explorer, yes. I never dragged a text to notepad, it works when it does ctrl+c + ctrl+v, but doing the same as picking a picking a file and drop to someplace else doesn't work.
  5. Yes, and I want to make sure that cdburnerxp accepts drag and dropping through windows explorer.
  6. Well, it doesn't show any error messages, it simply appears the "not allowed" icon when I try to drag and drop and nothing more. I just have to search and add the files by the cdburnerxp browser. No, I didn't find any bass_aac.dll file in the cdburnerxp folder thanks
  7. I'm using Now that's really odd, 'cause I tried to burn and it worked! But don't know why.. Also, I still can't drag and drop audio files through the program. Any help?
  8. I was using the latest version. Now I got it uninstalled, since it wasn't working and I'm looking for a solution. When I reinstalled cdburnerxp, I deleted its folder on Program Files. Also, I've found the bass dll files on other folders at my pc and deleted them, and it also didn't work. It's odd 'cause it was working very well past weeks and there was nothing new installed through all these days.
  9. Hi. I've reinstalled earlier versions of cdburnerxp and also downloaded the bass.dll 2.3 and 2.4 versions and it didn't solve the problem. It still shows the pop up message and I can't drag and drop the files. I've uninstalled and installed cdburnerxp and clean the registry with ccleaner many times, but it still comes witht the same problem. I'm using Win7. Any solutions? Thank you!
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