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  1. CDBurnerXP isn't working for me. I burned a linuxmint CD Version 15, and it worked this moring and last night, but not now. I attempted to erase the disk, and reburn it, but CDBurnerXP indicates the 4.7GB Fuji DVDRW is not rewritable. I placed a new 4.7gb Maxtor DVDRW, and received the same error message. The status message from CDBurnerXP suggests it is looking for a 1.2GB DVDRW, but you will be hard pressed to find such an animal on the marketplace. Additionally the DVDRW burned the first time around, so I am wondering if something is wrong with version I am going to tr
  2. I attempted to burn Linuxmint 64-bit edition of KDE with CDBurnerXP, and it wouldn't burn correctly. The API hanged during the burning process, and the disc wasn't useable. I did an MD5 checksum of the file before it was burned, and it came back ok. So I am wondering if something is wrong with Version of CDBurnerXP 64-bit edition. Has anyone tried the 32-bit edition? I am afraid to upgrade to it on my desktop without knowing more.
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