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  1. Hello. I've burn a lot of CDs in cda and mp3 format in the past, for listening to them in my car cd player. But now, every cd that I burn (cda or mp3) with CDBurnerXP is rejected by this player. The old cds burned with CDBurnerXP in the past still working fine in this player. The new cds works fine in my Home DVD system, computers and another cd players. This happens since I updated CDBurnerXP to the latest version. Are there new options to improve compatibility that I can find in the newer versions? Are there specific options or steps at burning that I must pay attention to for improve the co
  2. ENGLISH: I've made a complete galician translation, uploaded at upload page http://www.cdburnerxp.se/downloads/lang ... gs.gl.resx I'm new as translator, so I'm not sure if the correct folder for that file is /gl or /gl-ES (in the language option menu my translation is galego (galego)). Any mistake please notice me. -------------------------------------------------------------- GALEGO (Galician): Fixen unha traducción completa en galego, subida na páxina http://www.cdburnerxp.se/downloads/lang ... gs.gl.resx Son novo como traductor, polo que non estou seguro de se o cartafol c
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