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  1. Hm, again there is a Virus protection problem: cdbxp_setup_4.5.6.5931_x64_minimal.exe is recognized from Norton Security as Suspicious.Cloud.9 infected. I agree with Rylex: Again and again (what is shown by the recurring issues here in this board) CDBurnerXP (NOT all the different antivirus softwares!) resembles to real malware. I can understand that Open Candy is a part of software which could be seen as critical, depending on how sensitive you are. But this version here is the Open Candy FREE version! To say that this is no problem of the developer is a little bit too simplified. It is at le
  2. Sorry, but I have to revise my statement from above. The issue occurs with 4.3.9, too. I also found out when this happens. When I burn a disc and after that's finished I burn another one without closing CDBurnerXP... In the last cases I burned DVDs from ISO images. When I close the application after each burning process it doesn't seem to occur. But once more processes are running they never close again. They are running and runnig...
  3. Alright, my last report stated above is (still) right. No more multiple cdbxpp.exe processes. Now the question is: When will this bug be fixed. Have you already found the reason for this issue? I'm looking forward to your reply.
  4. It seems really so, that the reported issue doesn't occur with 4.3.9. I burned now many CDs and DVDs but I couldn't notice this penomen anymore! I will report if it occurs again also with 4.3.9 but I don't think so.
  5. Please let me test it a little furthermore, because I burned only a few discs right now. But I can say so far, that with version 4.3.9 the issue doesn't seems to occur until now.
  6. Hi there, I use CD Burner XP for a very long time now but I don't know, if this issue is new or is existing for a very long time. When I open the program, use it as usual and close it after that, there are MORE processes named cdbxpp.exe in the task manager. They never close! They are running and running. The more CDs/DVDs I burn and the longer I use CD Bruner XP, the more cdbxpp.exe processes seems to be opened. So, is this a bug? Is this reproducable to anyone other? Is it a problem on my machine and if yes, what could be the reason? Thanks for any help! BTW: My system runs on Windo
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