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  1. Both disk and drive work with other programs. However, there is a file desktop.ini at the top of the list of tracks and an initial trial of including this with the tracks to be ripped seems to fix my problem. What is this file??
  2. Using Windows 7 64-bit & CDBurnerXP I find that I can rip a single track from a CD freshly loaded into the drive. But if I try to rip another track from that disk (without reloading) or if I try to rip several files at once CD Burner hangs (or takes so long it exhausts my patience). If I add files one at a time to the compilation (reloading the source CD each time) then I can burn a CD with multiple tracks. Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug?
  3. This post was by L.m.mit. The board said that this name was already in use.
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