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  1. SEE that http://forum.cdburnerxp.se/index.php?/topic/7752-new-version-437-and-opencandy/page__st__100#entry33470 I´m Scared about CDBurnerXP. When you had gained a reputation in the computer´s world. You joined to OpenCandy and that reputation was lost.
  2. My case is simple, and has simple solution. (Apart from not install XPBURNER - like yours) When installing CDBurnerXP without notice off Open Candy My XP crashed twice. At the third ocasion " I had lost the conection to internet and had to reinstall my system." What happened This is the answer: I Was having a trojan in my computer before try to install your HIDDEN FRIEND --->> OPEN CANDY <<<-- and the trojan don't let OpenCandy to make his dirty tricks. My "trojan" gets offended and then it fooled my XP installation and made the system crash and caus
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