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  1. There is several time that we don´t have na update. When it will be disponible? Thank you for your atention to my question.
  2. Blu-ray Video is the modern version of DVD (?). Many users want to be able to burn Blu-ray movies. It will be possible to have Blu-ray video like we have today DVD video preset? This soft produce an excellent blu-ray video but many users don't know how to do it. Thanks!
  3. Blu-ray movie is UDF 2.50 or 2.60. I do video edition: I edit video with Edius 6.07, than it is exported with a compatible preset to BDM and at last, not at least, I do the "authoring" work with BDM format. A single .Avi file will work if you are a lucky man...
  4. To activate AHCI driver please see about your Disks: SSD. HDD, RAID. AHCI driver has is own activity according your system configuration. I have one SSD like C: and RAID 0+HotSwap 3TB for video edition. I can' t have AHCI driver and I work very well and correctly with IDE.
  5. Please see if your burner firmware is updated. If necessary update it,
  6. In accordance with my expoerience: to obtain a good result with DVD Video we must burn it at half of the velocity of burning disk (24x = 12X).
  7. CD Data»»Sytem files»»UDF (2.50 or 2.60) and all is O.K. Burn at once! It will be a good idea to have a preset for Blu-ray video disk: BDMV and CERTIFICATE. Also with the feature to confirm burned data. For more explanation about Blu-ray video's disk structure please see: :http://www.videoproductions.com.au/html/folder-structure.html
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