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  1. Just bumping here, in case you have some spare time to work on this.
  2. I hope there's room for some more improvements in here for the next release
  3. Could you do the same to the burning ISO image dialog? The destination device field (and burning speed) is slightly misaligned here.
  4. The "Use gap settings of individual tracks" is partially invisible in RTL mode, probably due to the "Number of copies" field at the top being out of place.
  5. See here, "development log" section. There are still more versions and new features to come
  6. You can simply download the minimal exe (called "Default installer (Without installCore)") from the download page.
  7. 1. In the "Could not generate image for printing" string, I suppose "image" here refers to a picture, when printing a CD cover? 2. The newly added string "{0} track(s) could not be added to the audio image. Burn disc anyway?" seems to appear twice in the strings file, the other one is without the "Burn disc anyway?" at the end. Is that intended?
  8. https://cdburnerxp.se/en/development?full The link to the UserVoice suggestion in rev 6387 directs to the admin panel login, which most of the users aren't. I suggest you to change it to the normal one: https://cdburnerxp.uservoice.com/forums/165656-feature-requests/suggestions/11134101-disable-sleep-while-adding-files
  9. Thanks, but it seems it is partially fixed in build 6209. In Audio disc, "Duration" and "Bitrate" are still aligned to the left, same goes for "Size" in Data disc. The english version suffers from the same issue BTW (same columns mentioned above are RTL'd, not LTR'd). Though I'm not sure if that's intentional or not (?).
  10. Ahm. I realize I may be a bother but this still needs to be addressed (unless the issue isn't really an issue and there's a reason for the table's headers to be LTR in RTL versions). If that's too much of a headache, can you for now apply a RTL fix for the issue mentioned earlier? When I say to RTL the bottom black line I refer only to the usual text ("X minutes", "No usable disc present, assuming disc with {0} minutes capacity" etc), not to RTLing the graph itself (can I call it a graph?). The graph should remain as it is (unless you think otherwise). On another note, can I translate: No usable disc present, assuming disc with {0} minutes capacity As this? No usable disc present, CDBurnerXP will assume there's a disc with {0} minutes capacity I fear my current translation to this string is incorrent and/or inaccurate. I've uploaded the new translation file with the newly Blu-Ray strings, but I'll need to re-upload a new one again later. I've made some adjustments. Thanks.
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