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  1. When burning an ISO to a non-empty DVD+RW, burning starts and ends silently after 1-2 seconds or so. Log is attached. My expectation: a message telling me that the disc is not empty and the possibility to erase it quick or complete. Does CDBXP still have trouble with AHCI? I've got a new board with AHCI now. StarBurn.zip
  2. The exact error message was in German. Translated roughly by me, it meant: this program cannot run on this Windows version, please check whether you run an x86 or x64 version of Windows. About installing manually: there is only the manual update. I klicked help -> check for updates, CDBXP did not check it itself. On my other PC (Win7 Ultimate x64), the auto update worked.
  3. runs fine, but the update packhage says: cdbxp_setup_4.4.1.3184.exe is not compatible with my Windows version (which is Win7 Pro x64). Any ideas?
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