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  1. @floele: So let me understand this. Let's say for example the speed detection is 4x. Override Speed Detection allowed you to choose a speed higher or lower than 4x. And recent versions no longer have that option. And this is because StarBurn is not being used yet. Correct me if I am wrong. This is my issue: When I try to burn, I can only burn at 4x. There is something called Other Speeds that make it seem like I can choose a higher speed or lower. So I chose this: Other Speed (8x). But it clearly still burned at 4x.
  2. I would like to see this Language added as a language option. I don't understand why it hasn't been an option yet.
  3. I would like to see this option back. So you can have the option to select a faster or lower speed than what speed is detected.
  4. AK1

    cant select low speed

    I don't know where else to ask this. I just read that you can't override speed detection in recent versions. My speed detection is 4x. WIll this explain why I cannot choose an option of higher speeds? There is an Other Speed option and when I selected 8x, it still burnt at 4x. Why is this? And why is override speed detection no longer available?
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