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  1. It appears to have fixed my problem as well. I tried 3 times with one disk on the original version with no success. Same disk on new version worked. Plus another couple disks. One other problem... Since I didn't want to wait for the entire burn, I cancelled it. Each time, it said it aborted succesfully but when returning to main screen, it locked up and I had to kill it in Process monitor. [edit: Last time I let it sit and after 10-15 minutes it recovered. I think it has trouble with the aborted disk.]
  2. On my laptop and my desktop, with cd's and dvd's... all of which have worked perfectly previously. Also, what about the part where, when it's waiting for a new disc I use the same one with no errors or issues. I never said it was the update ... but it is certainly not my hardware. Never happened with Nero.
  3. I was stunned when every other disc I tried would get the message: "An error occured while burning the disc. Most likely the disc is not usable.... poor quality..." etc Finally figured out that the first time I click Burn from the Data Compilation window I get this error. If I replace the disc in the Burn Disc window it burns fine. Even if it is the same disc. I don't actually have to throw out 50% of my discs! It does this on my laptop and desktop, with cd's and dvd's. Window 7 64bit cdburnerxp Thanks, Joe
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