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  1. Ok, I installed Version (32-bit) and tried again. I burned two DVDs and there were no problems at all, either in the burning process or in reading the discs. Of course, one test like this isn't definitive, but I think it's likely that you have fixed the problem. For further reference, I am running with these options on a Samsung SD-616 16x DVD writer: Burn Speed 16x Burn Method Disc at Once Burn Options Use buffer protection Finalize disc Eject disc after burning Thanks for the prompt attention.
  2. This is a follow up message. I got to thinking and I have a possible avenue for you to explore to track down this problem. It relates to your installer. Normally, unless I really trust the S/W developer, I go through a deep uninstall using Uninstaller Pro, followed by a reboot, before installing an update. I find this avoids many problems. But this time I didn't. I just installed directly over the existing software. It occurs to me that your installer might not be either fully testing error conditions or leaving some old artifacts in place, like installed system services or dynamic link libraries. As info flashed onscreen it appeared that your installer was at least trying to do some cleanup, but as a S/W developer myself I know this is hardly error proof. Anyway, this is at least something to consider. The quality of your software convinces me that you really do know what you are doing, so the issue might be fairly subtle.
  3. I hate to burst your bubble, but exactly the same thing happens on my Windows XP Home (SP3) installation after I installed version The message is the same as shown by Dellwo above. After it happened two times in a row, I uninstalled CDBurnerXP and re-installed the previous version And now everything works fine, just as always. So your belief that this update couldn't possibly cause this effect is misplaced.
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