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  1. For a friend without a computer, I've converted some mp3 files to wav files so he can play them on his home DVD player. But when i try to burn them to a DVD-R using CDBurnerXP, I'm getting the error message that a writable CD disk is required. I'm out of CD-R disks so I'd like to know if there is any way to do this. Or is this a limitation with DVD-R disks? I'm using Windows XP, and my DVD drive is a Sony Optiarc DVD RW AD-7260S.
  2. some more information: I'm not using the Burn ISO Image choice (from the first CDBurnerXP screen) since it doesn't show anything about making the CD bootable. I'm using the Data Disc option, although when I look into the Boot Options and "make disc bootable" window, it seems to be aimed mostly at floppy disks and has no mention of CDs. I'm confused about this software, and wonder if it's even possible to make a bootable CD from an ISO file? Should I be trying something else? John
  3. I just downloaded CDBurnerXP, and I'm using it on Windows 2000. I'm following someone's video instructions for making a bootable CD from an .iso file...but I'm told to open up the File menu and scroll down to the line that says "burn disc from ISO file". The problem is that when I open the File menu, that choice doesn't exist. The choices I have are : Open, Close, Save, Save As, Save Compilation as ISO file, Covert ISO image, Print Cover, Options, and Exit. The version I just downloaded is The instructions I'm following may be from an earlier version. But am I missing somet
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