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  1. when burning a disc and telling the disc to finalize (not allow changes afterward) files do not appear on the disc in legacy OSes like Windows 98!!! this is a random occurrence, some discs, all files show, some discs, no files show, and some discs show partial content!!!
  2. nope.. dbpowerAmp registered 101 tracks... hello, Earth to Floele???
  4. I think it's stupid that I add 230 files of sound effects and when I click 'burn' it says that CDBurnerXP only supports 99 tracks!!! that is the STUPIDEST limitation I have EVER seen in a program!!! I think CDBurnerXP should allow unlimited tracks as long as there is room on the disc!!! I think it would benefit removing the 99 limit!!! the 230 files are only 67 minutes long combined according to CDBurnerXP!!! I think I should be able to add them ALL because it is less than 80 minutes!!!
  5. last night before bed CDBurnerXP WAS on my computer with a desktop icon, start menu item, program files and EVERYTHING!!! today after waking up, my CDBurnerXP icon was gone, so was the start menu item, and all the program files!!! it seems that CDBurnerXP has removed itself completely from my computer!!!
  6. Now I am having an issue with the Internal SDK error followed by a bunch of jumbled garbage!! this is burning mp3 files to an audio compilation!!! I know these files aren't protected in any way as all mp3s I tried to burn were songs created by myself in a music program!!! and I've burnt dozens of discs with mp3s from this music program with NO problems in the past!!! now I cannot even burn ONE!!! StarBurn.log
  7. it it possible to reset all preferences??? (such as 'don't show this again')... I think I may have accidentally selected 'don't show this message again' on a message I didn't want to... is it possible to reset that so it shows again???
  8. it does this on the beta version and it does this on the previous version. CD's burt with other programs don't do this, and factory CD's don't do this!!! the CD will be playing just fine, then all of a sudden it will stop in the middle of a track, there will be about 10 seconds of silence, then the disc will jump to the next track!!! (for example if it stops suddenly somewhere in the middle of track 7, there will be a 10 second pause; then the disk starts playing track ... this is a random occurrence and isn't tied to any specific track or disc. if it was burnt with CDBurnerXP, it has this issue...
  9. but... I don't see a PM system on this forum... I was wondering if the dev team has had any leads on the Internal SDK error that people seem to be having...
  10. then there should be a feature that autorenames the older logs starburn.log.old
  11. I got good news and bad news... bad news, I cannot reproduce the issue... good news, I forgot to turn off logging from before...I have had series of error messages and apparently it was logging them all!!! the dreaded Internal SDK Error is back too!!! StarBurn.log
  12. after my 16.7GB disc issue, I tried to restart the burning process, and now CDBurnerXP is saying "No Compatible Drives"!!! I have NEVER had an issue with a No Compatible drives error now all of a sudden, CDBurnerXP says "No Compatible Drives"!!! CDBurnerXP 4.5 Beta is SHIT!!!
  13. I am trying to copy a music disc and the extracting from drive E: is stuck in a 47% - 50% loop!!! it keeps going 47%, 48%, 49%, 50%, 47%, 48%, 49%, 50%, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat endlessly for 40 minutes and is still repeating 47% - 50%!!! EDIT: now it says it is done and it is telling me it needs a 16.7 GB disc!!! NO music disc is 16.7 GB!!!
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