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  1. I FINISHED translation of Serbian Latin sr-Latn-CS, i checked it no error and work good in CDBurnerXP. Also do correction on some wordćs, and now is final. Let me know how i can upload it and to be on list.
  2. Translation is about 75% finished, so soon i think will be finished. Then only left to check word errors or mistakes, and program reaction. For now i compile and it work good for me, only one small problem go on when you start program. To many words are in first case and that need to take longer space. And i find some word correction in this image . Now only left that space in main window
  3. Ok , i started to translate "srpski (Srbija i Crna Gora) -sr-Latn-CS" , i use for translation SimpleResxEditor. I translate many programs on my language, programs like Trillian, GetDiz, and etc. Also some Android App, and i still continue translating programs. Oh if can be changed this "Srpski (Srbija) -sr-Latn-CS", becouse this Crna Gora (Monte Negro) is now another country and they have own language.
  4. Is there translation of Serbian language, i didnt find that on list?
  5. Maybe with reinstall will work good. The file name that faild 2 dvds for me is this name. "[HOT] FExplorer 1.17 FINAL RELEASE with NO expiration date (01_05_2007) - DotSiS _ Nokia, Symbian, Java Mobile Phone Discussions" I rename manuel in : "FExplorer 1.17 FINAL RELEASE with NO expiration date" And program reporting that i still have [HOT] in name, but i have manuel correct name.
  6. It is not issue, just ask if it posible to continue when he close disk. Before when i burn some DVD's there no message that he close disk, just Writing lead-out. First one question is about auto rename file, if he is not acceptable from program. I have 6-7 burn fail becouse he didnt rename that files, so i must do manuel.
  7. Hi i am using you software becouse it show that for me work great, so i use it from now. But now i have some problem with DVD's, when i try to burn some long name file. I have burn fails about 6-7 time, becouse program didnt renaime this files ( so i must do manuel ). Can you tell me how to set program to make it automaticly without problem in burning? Another one is that i see after i update program, after burning and leave sesion open on DVD. He close DVD, i attached some picture to see. I use this one: Then i see this : Is this mean that i cant in future contin
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