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  1. Can no longer install NET Framework 2.0 Need to install 3.0 (I also istalled 3.5). 3.0 contains 2.0 and the req'd dll file Next, I used Revo Uninstaller to delete Microsoft Silverlight and all of its leftover traces. Don't ask me how this helps. I just did it and perhaps, coincidentally, it helped. Now I'm back on track with CDBXP
  2. By mixed mode I mean wav + flac +mp3 + fln . Is it permissible to burn all these audio formats onto 1 disc for playback? Or do audio files for burn need to be all of 1 type, i.e., all flac or all mp3.
  3. Thank you for your responses. I'm still not sure if the program is OK with burning mixed file formats. Can it do this? Mike
  4. Problem was that I never got a warning. The process of burning went to completion so I expected the disc to contain the files. My test wasn't very scientific since I eliminated the only flac file in the list of music to burn, AND I used a new pkg of discs. During my previous attempts I was working from a pkg of generic "office supply"discs. I suspect they were Memorex whose quality is generally unreliable. I wasted approx 6 of those discs before I decided to buy some TDKs. Problem was probably in the discs after all.
  5. https://rapidshare.com/files/833113544/02 - Grieg Piano Concerto 2 Paavali Jumppanen BBCSO Belohlavek~.flac
  6. I'll try to send the file, but can't attach here, as file is too large.
  7. I tried one more time after checking each song file for type. I discovered that I was inadventently including 1 flac with the compilation of 14 tracks of mp3. I removed the flac file and the rest of the list burned OK.
  8. Thanks for the suggestion. Can it be downloaded without the "candy" ?
  9. Tried everything but nothing works. Problem is not with my drive nor with my discs (even though they are cheap ones). Going back to ImgBurn and deleting CDBurnerXP until it's perfected.
  10. Not sure what you mean by caching with regard to song files.. Actually disc didnt appear to be blank, it was blank, and VLC could not recognize. I appreciate your response and will try rebooting. I would prefer to get a printout of song contents by burning continuously without spacing. AND if burner is not actually burning anything I'd like to have some type of warning before wasting a disc--if that might be possible on a future upgrade. Thanks. Mike
  11. Next, I tried burning only mp3 music, plus I added 1 sec between songs (at the expense of not getting a cue list). Everything worked fine. I'd rather go with no spaces between songs so I can get a cue list, but burner refuses to work that way.
  12. Sometimes the CDBurner XP goes thru the entire process, then when I reinsert my disc to play, it is BLANK. Why does the burner go thru the whole process without some warning that something is wrong. Occasionally I get, "CDBXP has encountered a problem and must shut down", or words to that affect. Could it be that when I mix formats, wav, mp3, and flac, that burner cannot process mixed modes onto one disc? Also, when I burn a shorter playing time, then the disc does not eject until several more minutes roll by. Sometimes I have to force ejection. I have Windows XP Pro. Is that a proble
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