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  1. Hrm. Looks like if I load the playlist via foobar and then drag the list from there over to CDBXP it works. Sorry for any headaches I may have caused. Edit: Didn't see you responded. Well, I guess there will be two work arounds now. Hey, just a thought, but I think it'd be sweet if the program could upload an m3u8 into a compilation, read the playlist order like foobar and ask if it could temporarily renumber/rename them all accordingly (just for the burned copy) so that a playlist's track order can actually translate onto a CD, yet all the original files remain untouched.
  2. http://www.filefacto...nd_unheard.m3u8 I tried other .m3u8 files as well because I thought perhaps the exponent in the name was messing things up. None of the playlists on my iRiver seem to work. For the record, foobar was able to open the playlist and locate all files without any hiccups. Only deal is foobar doesn't burn mp3 CD's so it wouldn't all fit.
  3. I'm trying to load an m3u8 playlist that's located on my iRiver H320 to a compilation in order to burn an mp3 disc, but every time it asks me to load the files within the playlist (which I agree to) the CDBXP window just flashes and then does nothing. I can add just the m3u8 file, it has no problem with that, but adding the files associated with the playlist from a remote device like an mp3 player seems to do a number on the program. Any and all help anyone can provide would be appreciated. Hope this can help others in the future, as well.
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