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  1. In coping an audio cd of a live performance, if I use the copy or grab disc option there is about a 1 second gap between the tracks. Very noticeable since it's a live performance. If I use the audio disc feature and import then burn and tell it not to use the gap all is fine. The question I have, is this normal? I would have expected the first way to create a copy of the cd without the gaps, but that doesn't appear to be the case.
  2. Also., when I tried STPD mode it didn't see either drive.
  3. A screenshot and the log. As a side note, I did manage to copy the cd using just whatever is built into Windows xp. Bluestar.zip
  4. This morning I tried to copy a data cd. Failed saying that a Burning error occurred, Internal SDK error. I then tried to create a data cd and the same occurred. I tried 2 different source cd's and 2 different brands of blank cd's, Maxell and TDK. Since I have 2 drives I also tried each drive as the source and each as the destination. I then tried to create an audio cd using one of the blank cd's I used earlier and it worked. I have a log of the failure, but it's too big to upload, I supposed I could edit the starting part of it out if that would help. Oh yea, using
  5. Bluemeanie

    Audio error

    Thanks! Would another log help confirm your finding?
  6. Bluemeanie

    Audio error

    Reproduced the problem, log attached. StarBurn.log
  7. Bluemeanie

    Audio error

    Just installed yesterday. I burned a music cd and all went well. Wanted to test a few other things this morning. WIth no blank cd's in both drives I get an error when either double clicking on the Audio disk portion and a different error if I highlight it and click open. Neither errors occur if there is a blank cd in drive f (cd writes are f and g) or if the drive is empty. The file called cdburnerr is from double clicking and the other is from using open. Actaully I saw a few other errors reported when doing the open and can send them as well if you need them. Granted it's a minor
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