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  1. I used setup version. I managed to find a "solution". By repeating the update process steps one by one I found the problem. The error occurs after uninstall an application not related to CDBurnerXP. In this situation I am unable to reinstall CDBurnerXP. But If I uninstall CDBurnerXP first and then the other application ... I can then reinstall CDBurnerXP and it works properly. I could not really find the problem ... but I found a solution. If you are interested ... the problem during uninstall was caused by an accounting application: http://www.sdelsol.com/es/contasol.php Thank
  2. When starting the program I always get the same error: "The StarBurn burning engine could not be initalised. Some parts of CDBurnerXP may not work. Make sure that CDBurnerXP is properly installed." After this error, CDBurnerXP menu opens. When I choose any option from the menu I get ever an error. The error attached to this message (very much information about the error and computer configuration) correspond to the first CDBurnerXP menu option "Data disc". CDBurnerXP-ErrorReport.txt I have installed this beta version because I got this error also with earlier versions. The error
  3. I have the same problem. I had installed version After error I have tryed some versions from to with the same result ever: "The StarBurn burning engine could not be....". I'll post the full error in the thread dedicated to the 4.5 beta version.
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