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  1. Tested with the latest version ( of burnerxp (32 and 64bit version). The file plays but there isn't any sound, if I play the same file as mp3 it plays. So its not the original file nor Winamp. Noticed somethign else to: Same cd-r but I left it open (closed makes no difference) burn 1 track close session > close burnerxp > open burnerxp burn the same track on the same cd then the track is a minute shorter. 1st burn: 11:55 2de burn: 10:55 3th burn: 9:23 < even weirder Log attached, its from the last run (3th burn). >> Nevermind audio over usb = fail
  2. Ive made a audio compilation and saved it, then I clicked on order by name reloaded the compilation without saving it first and the compilation stays in alphabetic order. Its not possible to reorder the compilation!!!!!! When I open the compilation in notepad (nice xml btw) the compilation is in the right order. The cd Ive written is btw also in alphabetic order and I burnd it in non alphabetic order, before everything was fubar. Win 7 x64 and CDburnerxp 4.5 beta x64
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