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  1. Is this Idea or Feature Requests ? For example, when you add a directory that has in its composition a special file zero size (like cdburnerrootfile.cdb), which will be detected by CDBurnerXP, the contents of this directory will be placed in the root of the project. Or otherwise...
  2. How you don't see the difference? These are the differences: #1. <compilation name="Disc"> <dir name="Disc" path="\" realpath="" #2. <compilation name="Disc"> <dir name="Disc" path="\" realpath="D:\my_documents"> It's ROOT of compilation !!! Today THIS syntax, marked in red, NOT available. And I want it maintained. How to create a compilation based on the CONTENTS of a folder? Not a folder in the root of the compilation, but the contents of a folder in the root of the compilation. Save to disk is a blank DXP-project and view the XML - you will see there
  3. First of all, sorry by my English I have DXP-compilation ... <compilation name="Disc"> <dir name="Disc" path="\" realpath=""> <dir name="my_documents" path="my_documents" realpath="D:\my_documents" hidden="0" date="2012-08-20 23:14:00"> </dir> </dir> </compilation> ... and when I launch it with enabled option "After opening a compilation, update it automatically" files in directory "my_documents" in compilation really update automatically, but I impossible create and automatically update root of compilation based on directory.
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