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  1. I do a large backup (about 5-600Gb of DSLR movie files). The first disc is burning OK and the feedback about the burning process is ok. When I insert the second disc, the feedback row shows "preparing... less than a minute" ... and never changes for the rest of the burning. All of the subsequent discs are burn OK, only the feedback doesnt show the progress. And if I stop the process or it breaks for some reason, and I would like to continue to burn from disc 5 for example (I select the same folders to burn, and choose "disc 5" from the dialog) it shows its doing it, but it starts from disc1 regardless of the chosen "disc" setting.
  2. BD/Disc Spanning: (win7/64, Pio BDRW BDR/206) 1. When using multiple discs, after the first burn the dialog box shows "preparing ... less than a minute" and never changes (but the second burn is _SUCCESSFUL_ ) 2. When it quits with some debug error (will copy when happens again...) and I try to do the spanning but starting with DISC2, it writes the first set of files again and when i choose DISC3, it writes the first set again. But Im very-very happy to find the beta, i recently switched to AHCI in win7 and I missed my favourite burning app So BIG thanks for working on it!!!
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