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  1. I do a large backup (about 5-600Gb of DSLR movie files). The first disc is burning OK and the feedback about the burning process is ok. When I insert the second disc, the feedback row shows "preparing... less than a minute" ... and never changes for the rest of the burning. All of the subsequent discs are burn OK, only the feedback doesnt show the progress. And if I stop the process or it breaks for some reason, and I would like to continue to burn from disc 5 for example (I select the same folders to burn, and choose "disc 5" from the dialog) it shows its doing it, but it starts from disc1 r
  2. BD/Disc Spanning: (win7/64, Pio BDRW BDR/206) 1. When using multiple discs, after the first burn the dialog box shows "preparing ... less than a minute" and never changes (but the second burn is _SUCCESSFUL_ ) 2. When it quits with some debug error (will copy when happens again...) and I try to do the spanning but starting with DISC2, it writes the first set of files again and when i choose DISC3, it writes the first set again. But Im very-very happy to find the beta, i recently switched to AHCI in win7 and I missed my favourite burning app So BIG thanks for working on it!!!
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