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  1. Ok, got the computer back. They replaced the DVD/CD drive with a new one, and so far I've only burned one CD, but it worked and acted much differently than the old drive so I'm hoping. Will let you know if things act up again, otherwise, it appears it was a bad drive- and that was on a new computer. Thanks so much for your help!
  2. Sure, there is something amiss with this drive anyway it appears. It is supposed to be a Lightscribe enabled drive also, but is not reconized as that. It's a fairly new computer so will be going back to the shop to check on this. I will report back when I get it back. Will be a few days as I need to do some things this weekend before it's taken in. Thanks.
  3. Sorry about the empty file, didn't check it, but I will this one. Just tried again, and this time was 96% completed then got the error that the inserted media was either incorrect for the drive (wasn't) or was of poor quality (Memorex is in trouble then, haven't had this kind of problem much before). Hopefully this log file will help expose what the actual problem is. StarBurn.zip
  4. Alright, after my one successful burn, I tried another disc. It coppied fine, then would not burn at all. The program CDburner stopped responding again. I tried to attach the log file, but it was too big. Hope this can be figured out, as it is getting frustrating.
  5. After the previous mentioned freeze, I had to completely shut down the computer, restart, delete all temp files. And....... then it worked! One disc copied, will try more and see what happens. Thanks, but don't know what the problem was with the first several tries.
  6. When I tried this time, CDBurner seemed to freeze, the DVD is still running and will not stop until I restart (this happened before too). I attached the log file for this incident to this post, I will try again to do the burn where it stops at 60% and note that log file. StarBurn.log
  7. Hello, new to the forum, and finally trying CDburnerXP. I have a I5 Quad Core HP with Windows 7 professional. I can copy the CD image and start to burn it, but after 60% it ejects the CD and gives me the following error message. I started with the 4.41 version and updated to 4.5 Beta, and still have the same problem. I lost 4 discs trying to get this to work. What am I doing wrong, or what should I do?
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