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  1. Too late. I uninstalled, then I ran revoUninstall and CCCleaner and removed every last tidbit (and there was a LOT of stuff to remove...not very nice). I can burn a CD easily without this ongoing hassle. This is ridiculous, and the amazing number of people on the net having the same problem tell me all I need to know. Thanks, but no thanks. Wish you well, but I'm outta here!
  2. No matter what I do, I just get the "no disc" message!!! I'm using memorex cd-rw, windows xp. CAN ANYBODY HELP ME HERE? Gigi
  3. What does your post mean, "Did you tried current beta"? I don't know what beta is! Please explain your meaning. Thanks very much. No matter WHAT I do, I get the "no disc" error message!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gigi
  4. CDBurnerXP says my disc is not writable. Wrong. I'm using Memorex CD-RW High Speed rewritable discs. Can ANYONE please help me! Thanks, Gigi
  5. I'm trying to burn my data files to use as back-ups. But CDBurnerXP says my CD is unwritable. I'm using a brand new box of Memorex CD-RW High Speed rewritable disks. Can ANYBODY help me! Thanks, Gigi
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