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  1. It worked! From what i can see in the Disc options i can use the UDF file system as my default burning method for both small and huge files. Thank you for you're patience.
  2. No, since idk what that is. I also tried ImgBurn and it also said something about changing the disk or turn on the UDF Mode. How can i turn it on in CDBurnerXP?
  3. I have a few ISOs witch can only be stored on DVD9s but i have archived and splitted them and now i'm trying to put them on a few DVD5s but i keep getting this error messege. F.E.A.R.Platinum.7z.001 Files larger than 4GiB (4294967296 bytes) cannot be added without UDF file system. D:\GameForge\TO BE BURNED\F.E.A.R.Platinum.7z.001 I did the same thing like 3 years back with a 12GB ISO and was able to split it and burn in on 3xDVD5s and had no problem with it whatsoever. Any suggestions on how to burn them? Thanks in advance.
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