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  1. It looks like this issue has been resolved with the latest update. Thanks for that.
  2. Hi, I tried burning several data files on DVD last night. Even though I set the burning speed at 1x, it went ahead and burned the DVD at 8x speed. Is this an intended feature, or is it a bug? Thanks.
  3. O.k., I just tried to secure erase with CDBurner XP version 4.5. beta. Unfortunately, the same problem exists. In case it might help, my DVD / CD Burner is from TSST corp CDDVDW TS-633F. Correction: Between 10 - 15 later, the rewriteable CD finally stopped and ejected, and a "successfully erased" message appeared, however, the progress bar didn't show any progress throughout the whole process, only after the erase process fully completed.
  4. Thanks for your prompt reply. I already downloaded and installed the 4.5. Beta version of CDBurnerXP. I will try out the "secure erase" function as soon as I need to erase another rewritable disc, and will post the result.
  5. When I start Windows 7, 32-bit, insert a rewritable CD into the drive, close the tray, start CDBurner XP, and start the "secure erase" function, it doesn't work. The "secure erase" function starts, however, nothing happens (the progress bar doesn't forward). I can hear the CD drive rotating, but it doesn't erase. Only after I reboot the system (I have to crash CDBurner XP because there's no other way to stop the CD drive anymore, even with task manager and force closing CDBurner XP), leaving the rewritable CD inside, start the "secure erase" function again, does it work. "Fast erase" function works without any problems, as far as I have experienced. Please do not ask me to post screenshots. I don't have the time for all this. Thanks.
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