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  1. I can confirm this bug too. When I want to continue a Data Disc-Session, in the lower window all sizes of files or folders of the disc to be continued (CD or DVD) are shown as 0 Bytes. It is no problem to add more files (they appear with the right size in the lower right window) and burn them correctly, but when I finish cdburnerxp, start it again and look at the newly burnt files, their sizes are also 0 Bytes! I'm not shure, but I think this bug is new in ver (What a screenshot? Mechengr has a wonderful screenshot in his post.)
  2. Hello, to an existing data CD I added one file. When the verifying process started the message window showed the following message (translated by me into english, because I have the german version): "Started verifying of the files (230 files to verify)" This is wrong because 230 is the number of the already existing files plus the new one and only one file can be verified (the new one).
  3. When I select the root node then only the first level of the directory structure is shown (in the left and in the right list) and printed. More lower levels of the directory structure can opened only in the left list.
  4. Hi, if I now print a Cover for a data disc the following rule is used: "For a data disc the files and folders currently visible in the bottom right list of the main window will be printed". I think it would be better, to print the bottom left list, because in the left list I can choose the more or less complete directory structure (with or without files), and not only one directory part as in the right list. stereo-sigi
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