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  1. There was no update of the error.log. If you like to get the recent file. How can I get it to you. The "report" bottom disappeared. i deleted the error.log and repeated the burning. The other files wered updated, but no error.log.
  2. No, same result. I copied all files to internal memory , but it didn't work either. By the way I used another computer to burn other files to the same cd with the same results.
  3. Thanks for the fast answer, but sequence was. 1. started audio burning process 2. I added 16 songs to the burning list 3. an empty CD was indicated 4. started the burning process 5. 16 songs added to audio image 6. after or while burning first song burning process was interrupted, error message popped up and dvd drive opened.Even after closing dvd drive and restarting burning process the result was the same. The external storage drive (WD) was connected all the time. Interesting: When I repeated this today there was no updated error.log. Other files werde updated, but not the error.log file
  4. Thank you. I added the error file and the starBurn log to report.
  5. Cannot burn audio cd on maxwell cd-r. Tried several cd's but didn't work. Always get the information that cd can't be burnt and no tracks could be added to the cd. Appreciate support and help. Tried again and got error message: Internal SDK error Unfortunately version 4.5 doesn't work either. My drive: HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GT30N I bought and tried other cds with same results
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