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  1. I believe you, but it's an an uncomfortable feeling to install a software which 12 antivirus programs recognize as infected. Do you know if a fix is planned? Regards, Anselm
  2. Hello, Emsisoft Internet Security and virustotal indicate cdbxp_setup_4.5.7.6389.exe to be virus infected. Can somebody tell me something about? Thank you in advance, Anselm
  3. Actually Sony CD-R printable 700 MB/80 min 1 x 48x speed bought via Amazon at a Luxembourg dealer. Looking for it I just miss an order number on CDs or packaging.
  4. The first trial was successful. To save blank CDs I'll try the next if needed. Thank you, Anselm
  5. Hello, I am a beginning user of CDBurnerXP and a new forum member. I tried to copy an audio CD twice. The first time I succeeded, the second time I got the error message shown in the screenshot. The text says that either my drive is incompatible or the CD is of bad quality. Does the detailed text say anything more about the cause? Thanks in advance, Anselm
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