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  1. Thanks for your prompt reply. I am using v4.4.2.3442. I may be describing incorrectly. Here are the steps I am taking: Create Data disc. Add folder greater than 4.7gb (I am burning to DVD). Click Burn. Select Finalize disc. Select Disk Spanning. Select DVD+R and then click Split. At this point, after the first disc is burned and I insert a second disc and close the tray, CDBurnerXP does not recognize that I have inserted a new disc and I have to select Refresh for it to continue burning. Also, it would be ideal if I didn't have to click "Split" and it automatically split the discs for
  2. Hello! First off, great product! I am currently looking to switch some friends from from Roxio Creator to CDBurnerXP on their new computer. I noticed that in disc spanning mode, when I insert a new blank disc, it does not automatically resume burning the next disc, and the user is forced to click "Refresh" for it to continue burning. Is there any way currently to have it automatically refresh when a new blank disc is entered (Roxio has this feature and I was hoping to see CDBurnerXP with this feature)? And if not, may I please request that this feature be added? This would help simplify
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