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  1. Thank you. Could it be something in the xdp file? Maybe I'm missing something in there which possibly introduces a conflict when used with command prompt.
  2. Sorry for the late post. For some reason I did not get any notification that you posted anything. I just installed the latest version of the beta: and the same error occurred. The following are the yet another log file (you probably got tired of looking at them), the xdp file used for the layout of the disk and the command prompt dump: log xdp cmd Thank you for looking into this.
  3. So just installed again and the first disk I burned got the exception. Here is a new log file: http://pastebin.com/YxnrbXR1 Just so you know the actions I did which should be reflected in the log file. 1. Removed 4.4 2. Cleared log file so that it would be exclusive for 4.5 logging 3. Installed 4.5 4. Opened GUI to make sure it opens and checked the Help -> About to check the version number 5. Closed GUI 6. Burned disk with command prompt utility Update Just cleared the log once again and followed the instructions at http://cdburnerxp.se/help/kb/18 to enable SPT
  4. Here is a log: http://pastebin.com/geQ932xs After I was getting this error very often (not every disk I was burning but majority), I downgraded back to and already burned about 10 disks and so far this exception was not raised so I think the issue is related to 4.5 release. I will install 4.5 again and will see if I can reproduce the issue again. Will update if I will get the exception again. Thanx
  5. I am experiencing the same issue: Loading compilation... Starting to write disc...701 Files, Size: 4.36 GB 0% ... 100% Burning data disc completed. Verifying disc... An error (800402A0) occured while executing the command: Exception from HRESULT: 0x800402A0 I though maybe the size of the disk is too big so I tried to burn something with 3GB and got the same error. I can post the log but I don't know where it is. My program version is Thanx
  6. At http://cdburnerxp.se...ndlinearguments I just realized that there is "-close" flag. Using that with "-tao", would that burn a disk where no more content can be burned?
  7. Thanx for the reply. TAO creates a multi-session disk, however I need to create single-session disk so that later, I can't add anything to it. How can I do that? Thanx
  8. Hi. I am using your "cdbxpcmd.exe" to burn disks. When I try to execute the following command I get an error. Command: "C:\Program Files\CDBurnerXP\cdbxpcmd.exe" --burn-data -eject -dao -name:"Niagara 2007 1" -verify -device:0 -layout:"d:\users\miki725\appdata\local\temp\burn.xdp" Error: Loading compilation... Starting to write disc...1046 Files, Size: 4.37 GB An error (280) occured while executing the command: Unsupported write mode: Device does not support the write mode I have no idea as to how to debug it. My assumption/understanding of an error is that the device does
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